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Phystam NetSimutrans Server 4 - Solomon islands!

Started by Phystam, July 17, 2021, 08:59:34 AM

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The archipelago has been inhabited by indigenous peoples since 1000 B.C. In 1568, the explorer Mendaña first explored the archipelago and discovered its resources, naming it the "Solomon Islands" after the legend of "King Solomon's Treasure. However, resistance by the natives prevented them from taking control.
Later in the 19th century, many explorers came to the islands and established trade relations. The British colonized the islands in 1960.

In this server game, you will establish and run a transportation company in the Solomon Islands with the dream of getting rich. This map is free to join at any time without the permission of the server administrator.

About this map:
Map size: 8600 x 1830 [1075km x 230km]. Almost the entire area is ocean, divided into seven regions by major islands. Note, however, that they do not necessarily correspond to the real states. Also, Bougainville is part of Papua New Guinea in the real world, but I included it in the map as part of the geographical Solomon Islands.
1. Bougainville
2. Choiseul
3. Western
4. Isabel
5. Guadalcanal
6. Malaita
7. Makila-Ulawa
It is a good idea to choose one region that your company will mainly develop and use it as a reference for your company name.

About the rules:
0. The default company will be for observers and will be password locked.
1. The use of public service is basically prohibited.
2. An individual can only have one company. Having more than one company is prohibited.
3. Take responsibility for your own development.
4. In the unlikely event of bankruptcy, you can offer to consolidate with a neighboring company. If you are merged, you can choose to be jointly managed or create a new company.
5. Make sure that the company is password protected so that others cannot operate it.
6. Joint management of the company is allowed. Members should discuss and share the password with each other.
7. When connecting with other companies and exchanging cargo, etc., please discuss this between the companies.
8. Actions that unfairly disadvantage other companies are prohibited. Legitimate competitive relationships are welcome.
See also the rules and guidance of B-B server.

About operation of this server:
The server will be automatically restarted and updated at 15:00 JST (06:00 UTC), and autosaved at 0:00 every hour.
You can see 2 servers, Japanese version and International version. Please make sure that you select the International version.


This time it's rather unlikely for me to start a company on Phystam Net, but I greatly appreciate that you opened this server to the global community :)