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Simutrans Probleme

Started by CarmeloLabadie, July 26, 2021, 08:49:44 AM

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Hi, everyone,

I've been playing Simutrans for a while, but with

Ubuntu 12.04 on my AMD Quadcore with 8GB RAM and NVIDIA graphics card

Simutrans is no longer playable enough to be fun. The problem is the response times. If I start a new game with a small card it already starts that I have severe delays in mouse movements. Several seconds pass before I can use the mouse for the first time. Then the game jerks extremely so that I can no longer select the individual vehicles, or only with great difficulty. When I press the pause button, the game takes a long time to respond. Several seconds later (5-10 seconds). It doesn't matter how big the window is. From a small window to a full screen. I've tried everything. I have also tested various graphics card drivers. Settings in the, such as lowering the frame rate or switching off pedestrians, do not change anything in the delayed behavior. In previous versions of Ubuntu, this always ran smoothly. I didn't have any problems with Linux-Mint either. I'm using Gnome3 for the interface. Not Unity. I removed Unity as far as possible. But there are also the same problems with Gnome-Classic. Does anyone here know where the problem could be?

Thank you all


Which Simutrans version do you use? AFAIK Ubuntu 12.04 is no longer supported, so my first suggestion would be to update to a newer version. Personally, I haven't had an issue like the one you describe using 20.04 + Gnome 3.
With that said, lowering the frame rate should make the stuttering worse since OS events are not processed as often per second. But lag should be nowhere near several seconds in any case.


down to a frame rate of 10 or so the responsivity to events should rather go up.

But I suspect that somehow there is a problem with the 16 bpp driver of that configuration. Since 16 bit per pixel (not per color) is slowly dying out, the driver may not support it very well.

However, if it is an really olf Ubuntu, then this is SDL and not SDL2, which may show much bigger improvements on modern drivers (since the library is more recent).


A slowdown of several seconds seems like a lot just for converting 16 bpp to whatever is the native. And I would expect such a thing to scale with the size of the window, but I understand it to be constant.

The only things I can think of that matches the symptoms, is either that the game's data is constantly being paged out and in of memory (swapping), or that some other program is interfering with the execution, like anti-malware software, debuggers or profilers, or just some other process really hogging resources. The latter should affect everything, but perhaps Simutrans is much more demanding on CPU and the system bus, and therefore more easily affected.