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Overtaking algorithm is broken at a railroad crossing

Started by [C] Ranran, August 03, 2021, 10:14:19 PM

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[C] Ranran

The overtaking behavior around the railroad crossing is broken.

If there is no overtaking, a car will not enter the railroad crossing unless the tile at the next of the railroad crossing is empty to prevent a car from getting stuck at a railroad crossing and colliding with or stopping the train.
However, if overtaking occurs at a railroad crossing, those rules will be ignored.
(It is strange that it can overtake at a railroad crossing in the first place...) (´・ω・`)

Pay attention to the behavior of these cars.

Red one is an outdated and very slow carriage. Scenes of such a carriage citycar obstructing road traffic are often found in simutrans.
The car marked in green is a modern private car that is frustrated by slow carriages. They are waiting for a chance to overtake.

Overtaking can easily occur while the carriage is at the railroad crossing as shown in the image above.

Next, try "Overtaking prohibited" around the railroad crossing.

"Overtaking prohibited" seems to be ignored at railroad crossings. (´・ω・`)
It can overtake at railroad crossings even though it is an area where overtaking is prohibited.
The reason why railroad crossing roads do not appear to be highlighted is due to display priority.

Certainly this is a bug, but fortunately, this works in a way that the overtaker, who is as frustrated as the player, just cheats and rather eases the traffic and helps the player.
So in my opinion it may not be a high priority bug.


Thank you for your report. Yes, I agree that this is not a high priority bug as it does not confound the player and the effect of the cheating is so small as not to be economically significant. Probably the best solution would be for all railway level crossings to prohibit overtaking entirely.
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Would be even more exciting with a surround sound system to hear this train increasingly whistling and puffing from the bottom of the screen.

[C] Ranran

Quote from: Ranran on August 03, 2021, 10:14:19 PMThe overtaking behavior around the railroad crossing is broken.
I think this is not overtaking occurring, but can_enter_tile somehow returning true.
Because it is not accompanied by a lane change.