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Started by jamespetts, August 23, 2021, 11:07:41 PM

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I have just implemented a small feature to take advantage of some lovely graphics produced by W. Lindley for Pak128.Britain-Ex some years ago: fords.

Crossings of rivers by roads has always been possible in Simutrans, but what was not possible is confining those crossings to non-navigable rivers. Previously, if any road/river crossing at all were defined, all rivers and canals  could be crossed using that crossing, even the widest and deepest rivers.

Now (from to-morrow's nightly build), if, in the definition of a crossing, the second waytype is water and it has a maximum speed of zero, the crossing can only be built on non-navigable rivers (i.e., ones with a maximum speed of zero), and cannot be built on waterways with a maximum speed of > 0.

I have also removed the limitation in which only roads with a zero maximum axle load could ford streams, since this is not reflective of reality.

I have accordingly implemented the ford type crossing in Pak128.Britain-Ex, which will be available for use from to-morrow's nightly build.

Happy fording!
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But how beautiful is how beautiful.  8)
Quote from: wlindley on August 02, 2019, 04:07:54 PMA matching bridleway ford datfile and images for Pak128.Britain-Ex  are here