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[Idea] Player name abbreviation

Started by [C] Ranran, August 29, 2021, 11:21:48 AM

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[C] Ranran

In my frank opinion, extensive use of player colors can make the screen colorful and spoil the appearance. (´・ω・`)
This may have become more apparent as a result of the increased colorization after several GUI updates.
Also, in the past, it has often been the case that player colors and UI do not match for certain colors only. This is sometimes a problem in chat windows, for example.
I thought about taking measures against this.

(1) Colored human icon
(2) Paint the waytype symbol in player color

(1) may help distinguish it from AI players. But unfortunately no script code is implemented in extended.
And when representing a company, I think that human icons are used in a slightly limited number of places. For example, human icons are suitable for player lists and chat windows, but on the other hand, corporate logos and waytype symbols are better than human icons at stations, convoys, and lines.

At least (2) had a lot of problems and was difficult.

And what was extracted from ranrans is an idea with colored company abbreviation. This may be used in a similar way to the corporate logo described above.
For example, the combination of the abbreviation LNER and the red color and the abbreviation GWR and the green color is sufficient to indicate the individual company. There are only a maximum of 16 players.
The UI should use the two texts very very long formal name and abbreviation properly. In fact in simutrans player colors are allowed to overlap, and when they do it has been difficult to distinguish them so far. However, the combination of color and text will make it possible to identify them.

That is, (3) the idea is to replace the player color display with a new corporate abbreviation and make the rest of the text in normal color.
The message window is what I consider to be the most color polluted.
Also, IMO, long and long company names in the network game are very annoying to read chat log. (´・ω・`)
And it can be tedious to type a long company name into a chat log. If it is an abbreviation that the player has set for himself, he can feel free to use that name.

I have coded only the basic concept for now. The patch is attached. I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on this.
Abbreviations can be changed in the same way you change your player name. However, I haven't used it in any UI yet. As for how to use it outside of the aforementioned chat log, the UI for standard and extended can be very different, so we'll have to go our separate ways.

EDIT: The same sentence was written twice. (´・ω・`)


Why using such long names in the first place? Why not name the company LWER? I think several places will anyway truncate such long names. I would rather introduce a detailed description or so, where one can give the company a longer name and a "mission statement" (e.g. Black Block Gold Ltd., only serving coal mines, or Crappy Coaches, serving passengers road traffic in the North-East).

There are much more players, but there are 14 companies. So it principle one should also note for an action by which player it was done. Also it would be nice, if one track which player played for which company the last time.

But then, I did not play online for a year or longer, so someones other though would be nice on this here.