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[patch] Add loading time to a number of displays

Started by hreintke, September 07, 2021, 02:53:43 PM

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This patch adds loading time to

- Depot display, vehicle info
- Convoi  display, vehicle details
- List of all vehicles


Could you post a screenshot to describe what you implemented?


Sure, see attached


I think adding a notation is a good idea because it clarifies the existence of the specification, but it may be difficult to imagine what kind of unit it is.
I mean the player thinks 1000 is how many minutes in game time. (I'm not sure about the latest specifications, but I think the unit was ms.)
I think it should be converted into in-game units that are easy for players to understand.
Basically, I only report bugs occasionally, never provide patches for new features.
I may only work on fixing bugs that are caused by Ranran.
Fork of simutrans extended for Jalápagos is here.


Agree with the "units", thought about that also when implementing.

Did/do not now what units can/should be used, so first made this patch to show where and how to display.
Will update patch when we agree on the units and the display of thise.


There's no documentation about it but reading old forum posts it seems that Ranran is right and the time is in milliseconds (ms).

Milliseconds is not a very friendly unit for the user to manage, so I would vote for displaying the time in seconds (s) instead.


yes, it's the internal tick unit, which is real-world milis in most cases.


I think one should merge the translations. Two different strings seems not really needed.


Agree with the translations, will update those.

What is your idea about the units in which loading time should be presented ?


One could use the in game time with diffticks to string function if one does not want to use ms.


Incorporated in r10665 with unit in game time and changed for the new depot dialog.