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Bug in 100.0 : unable to save game "in any rotation"

Started by, August 03, 2008, 05:12:20 PM

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Got a small map I was working on (Pak64), was saving it pretty regularly.
This was with 100.0 on WinXP.

After a day or so of play, a strange behaviour was exhibited: each time the game was saved, the map would automatically rotate.
Then, the last time I was able to save the game, an error message was shown, similar to "unable to save game in any rotation".
My game was then unloadable :-(  Simutrans just crashed with a failed assertion:

Calculating textures ...Assertion failed: ((uint8)n)<MAX_PLAYER_COUNT, file bauer/../simworld.h, line 472

Looking in my save directory, it indeed failed to save properly, the file is now only 1KB and I guess my world is lost forever :-(


What pak did you install? Foodchain will give this error.

Yeah, that would make sense.
I installed vanilla Pak64, then a load of stuff from addons, prob including food.

Is anything not in Pak64 to be considered unstable?


Asymmetric factories needs at least two, the fishswarm with its holes all four rotations. Other than that should be fine.