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History of CSD (kind of)
« on: September 13, 2021, 09:06:52 AM »
 It is year 1945, the republic of Chernarus is devastated and is in an urgent need off re-establish its transportation system. For that CSD company is founded. Rebuild off the country is slow, the first step is to transport lumber into Kabanino paper mill, which supply Pulkovo printing works. That also needs chemicals from Komarovo refinery. In the end the books are transported to Chernogorsk publishing company.

As a rolling stock, for now class 555 aka ex DR 52 is being gradually put into service:

More updates soon!

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Re: History of CSD (kind of)
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2021, 11:41:56 PM »
The story begins.....

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Re: History of CSD (kind of)
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2021, 10:33:30 AM »
Yes, indeed!
Year 1946:
The Publishing Company supply chain was improved and the other supply chain of Krasnostav Hopsoda is now also served with beer from Gvozdno brewery.
Year 1947:
Passenger network has been established, but only the biggest cities are served so far. For the pulling of pas trains 40 locomotives of a class 498 has been ordered, often called Albatros thanks to their blue livery. Number of class 555 has reached 90 pieces in revenue service.
class 498:



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Re: History of CSD (kind of)
« Reply #3 on: September 16, 2021, 07:34:13 PM »
 Year 1948:
Passenger network extended into every town, factory and attraction.
Year 1949:
Further improvements of passenger network – now every town served with railroad, whether before was just a bus connection.
As for rolling stock:
Class 555 finalized into 165 pieces.
Purchased 227 locos of class 534 – slow one, but good for handling heavy cargo trains:

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Re: History of CSD (kind of)
« Reply #4 on: September 19, 2021, 05:35:30 PM »
 Year 1950 and 1951:
New industry chains have opened and are served. Most notably is a shopping mall in Solnychniy with its various suppliers like food factory near Berezino, bakery at Kamishovo, furniture factory ar Chernogorsk or Goods factory at Polana.

Increased number of trains led to a necessity to double trucks main railroads. Also, many stations so far with one platform are no longer adequate and has been source of a lot of congestions.

In terms of new rolling stock:
-4 locomotives of a class 476 were purchased as a test of a three-cylinder compound configuration, but they were found difficult to maintain.
-So, instead more reliable locos of class 475.1 were ordered in total of 147 pieces. They are being set to goods train with high bonus and to passengers trains.

-As most of the locos of the class 534 are already set to trains 60 locos of class 433 were added to the fleet.

-Apart from steam power the diesel power is introduced in a form of motor cars of a class M262. 238 pieces were scheduled on local railways and also on a main line from Komarovo to Berezino.

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Re: History of CSD (kind of)
« Reply #5 on: September 24, 2021, 01:30:23 PM »
 Year 1952 and 1953
Mostly improvement s of pas network by reworking stations. Some new industry chains were also founded like Car Dealership in Tulga, Material wholesale in Pusta or several Coal power station.

These years saw the introduction of many new rail vehicles:
Class 477.0 for passenger service in quantity of 60 pieces:

Class 556.0 for heavy cargo service:

Class M 295.0 diesel motor unit for fast service from Komarovo to Berezino.

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Re: History of CSD (kind of)
« Reply #6 on: October 02, 2021, 06:30:39 AM »
 Year 1954 and 1955
Apart from some more improvements of pas and cargo network the main goal has now become the construction of main cargo stations, but about that next time.

In terms of new locos:
Introduction of electrification on a main corridor between Cherogorsk and Elektrozavodsk with locos of class 140 (E 499.0), used for pulling of pas trains :

First diesel locos presented by narrow gauge class 705.9 (TU 47.0):

Finished order of motor cars 801 (M 131.1) in total of 549 pieces:

Added another 15 locos delivered from class 498 as an improved class 498.1.

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Re: History of CSD (kind of)
« Reply #7 on: October 05, 2021, 12:50:21 PM »
 Year 1956 to 1957
Preparations for introductions of central cargo terminals – apart from building cargo stations themselves, many other stations had to be rebuilt to accommodate expected traffic. The other investee is electrification.

Electrification progress:

1953: from Elektrozavodsk to Chrnogorsk
1954: extended to Komarovo
1955: to Kamyshovo
1956: to Solnychniy
1957: whole main corridor from Kamenka to Berezino, this allowed class 140 to take over all pass trains and to switch diesel and motor traction to other lines.

The other electrification project was 1,5 kV DC line from Berezino to Chelm with four locos E 422.0 (100).

Locomotives class 464.2 built in only two prototypes as it is now clear, that era of steam is over.

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Re: History of CSD (kind of)
« Reply #8 on: October 14, 2021, 03:01:26 PM »
 Year 1958-60
Cargo lines switch to central stations completed. 

The point is to have several central hubs into which all cargo is delivered. Those are three main central terminals Kabanino, Krastostav and Balota, plus helper stations Zelenogorsk, Rogovo, Mogilevka, Staroye, Guglovo, Gorka, Berezino, Solnychniy and Elektrozavodsk. These helper stations collect cargo from their vicinity and send it to the central terminals. Then central terminals collect it all and send back to factories around them or again to those nine helper stations and from them to the factories.

1958: to Krasnostav cargo station
1959: to Dubrovka, elec. of oil lines
1960: to Polana, +around Berezino
New vehicles:
Class 720 (T 435.0) -diesel shunter

Class 141 (E 499.1) -upgrade of class 140 with local constructed bogies, 60 pieces

Class 121 (E 469.1) -delivered from class 141 with lower speed to increase its traction effort

Class 180 (E 669.0) -two prototypes of six axle cargo locomotive


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Re: History of CSD (kind of)
« Reply #9 on: October 23, 2021, 04:23:32 PM »
 Years 1961-63
Mostly quadrupling main track to cope with the rising traffic density.

1961: complete circle of Berezino and Ex3, Ex3a
1962: to Zelenagorsk+Rogovo
1963: Krasnostav-Gvozdno, 4 tracks Komarovo-Chernogorsk
New vehicles:

Class 555.3 -extra 100 pieces of DR 52 bought from reserves.

Class 776 (T 679.0), 775 (T 678.0) – six axle powerful diesel mainline locos.

Class 181,2 (E 669.1,2) -six axle cargo locomotives

Class S 479.0 (E 479.0) – 2 locos to test new 25 kV 50 Hz system
Class 820 (M 240.0) -new diesel motor cars


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Re: History of CSD (kind of)
« Reply #10 on: November 08, 2021, 04:47:50 PM »
Years 1964-69 Most attention takes struggling to keep the traffic flowing, as cargo is pilling at the central hubs. Many new industries have been founded topping number of factories at 520. Electrification of tracks continue; plus new voltage system has been introduced (25kV 50Hz) around Kabanino.

1964: Zelenogorsk-Vybor, 4 tracks Chernogorsk-Elektrozavodsk
1965: 4 tracks Elektrozavodsk-Prigorodky, Kabanino-Stary Sobor
1966: 4 tracks to Solnichnyi, 25 kV system to Mogilevka
1967: 4 tracks to Berezino, 25 kV to Staroye
1968: pas line around Chernogorsk, 25 kV to Lopatino and North to the coal stations
1969: 4 track to Zelenogorsk, Cher-Nadezdino-Rogovo, 25 kV Lopatino-Vybor-Kabanino
New rolling stock:
Class 725 (T 444.0) and 726  (T 444.1) – diesel shunter locos

Class 721 (T 458.1) – improved version of class 720

Class 770 (T 669.0), 771 (T 669.1) – six axle heavy shunter

Class 751 (T 478.1) -mainline diesel

Class 753 (T 478.3) -mainline diesel

Class 781 (T 679.1) – imported class M62 for heavy mainline trains

Class 850 (M 286.0), 851 (M 286.1) – new diesel motor cars

Class 451 (EM 475.1) – 3 kV DC units

Class 182 (E 669.2) -slightly improved class 181

Class 230 (S 489.0), 240 (S 499.0) – serial produced 25 kV locos



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Re: History of CSD (kind of)
« Reply #11 on: November 18, 2021, 08:58:54 AM »
Years 1970-75 Most of the problems with cargo over crowded has been solved, Capacity has been extended by adding parallel cargo lines to the main tracks. Also, time has come to start withdrawing steam locomotives, first ones to be class 555 and 423.0.

70: Cargo line Cher-Kamyshovo, 4 track Zel-Rogovo, 25 kV to HQ
71: Cargo line Kamyshovo-Berezino, 4 track Krasnostav-Gorka
72: 4 track Polana -Berezino, 25 kV Mogilevka-Vyshnoye-Stary Sobor
73: 4 track Zel-vybor, 4 track Kras-Berezino
74: Rogovo-Gorka (3 kV+25kV), Chernogorsk-Bor-Kozlovka-Pavlovo
75: SRT line
New vehicle classes:
Class 183 (E 669.3) another upgraded version of class 18x

Class 110 (E 458.0), 113 (E 426.0), 210 (S 458.0) - family of electric shunters for a different electric systems (3kV DC, 1,5 kV DC, 25 kV AC)

Class 125.8 (E 469.5) heavy cargo locomotives for SRT line.

Class 350 (ES 499.0) to allow locomotives ride between destinations equipped with different traction systems new multi system vehicles will be needed. This fast passengers locos were put to serve on a newly electrificed line  the Ex7 line from Zelenogorsk to Krasnostav

Class 560 (SM 488.0), 460 (EM 488.0) two similar EMUs for two different traction systems (3 kV DC and 25 kV AC)

Class 752 (T 478.2 ) -class 751 without steam generator intended for cargo service.

Class T 679.2 (DR class 230) after class 781 importing even bigger locomotives was considered, but in the end they were refused

Class 735 (T 466.0 ) -new generation of diesel shunters

Class 740 (T 448.0 ) - new generation of diesel shunters

Class 759 (T 499.0) - two prototypes of a new domestic powerful diesel lovo, but serial production was rejected.
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