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Started by Mariculous, September 13, 2021, 03:02:41 PM

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In simutrans, there are multiple setting windows.
This is about display settings UI ( and the "advanced settings" UI (
Some settings only exist in the display settings UI, whilst a few exist in both.
I am wondering whether this is intended or not.

This was observed in extended, but I can conform that it applies at least to show_month in standard as well. It seems likely that it applies to further attributes, but I did not check this further.
The only ones that exist in both (again observed in extended) are left_to_right_graphs, show_month, show_names, pedes_and_car_info and follow_convoi_underground.

It doesn't make much sense to me for these to exist in the advanced settings dialogue, so I assume these should be deleted over there.
If that's correct, I might prepare a patch.
If not, I'd like to get a brief description about what makes these different from the other display settings, so I can stick to this guideline.


IMHO "advanced settings" should contain settings_t variables, display settings should contain env_t variables.  i.e. Advanced settings is the interface for modifying those variables saved in the save game (at risk of breaking the game). And, not all env_t settings make sense to have in a GUI.

Related, with how often settings.xml breaks (especially in Extended), it's rather poor choice for storing user preferences. Ideally fix the continual breakage. But, IMHO better to have as the prime place for user preferences to be set - and have settings.xml take precedence (I understand the order is backwards at the moment [atleast for Extended]).


I agree that some of the display settings maybe should not be in the extended settings. It was like this: All settings (that make sense) in should be also in the advanced settings. However, this rule is broken when the same setting (like starting year or climate related) is also more prominently available. Hence, it would be more consequent to have the display settings only in the display dialoge.


Thanks for the quick reply.
That conforms to my thoughts, I'll put an effort in this.

I might also include the most recent change from extended, which moves pedes_and_car_info to the display settings and allows to enable car and pedestrian infowindows independently of each other.