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"Let's Play" video: Simutrans vs Simutrans-Extended (City Generators)

Started by dannyman, September 24, 2021, 11:41:48 PM

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Hello! I have played Simutrans a long time but took a few years away. (Kids.) Recently I have been dipping my toe in, with an eye towards possibly making a "Let's Play" series for YouTube to help promote interest in the game.

Here's maybe a first "test video" that demonstrates switching between simutrans and simutrans-extended, with some show and tell on the differences in the map generator that I have observed.

I am happy to hear any feedback on the video/audio quality, what could make it more engaging, &c. What would you want to see in a video, perhaps? My thinking is to start a game in 1750, found a couple of competing companies, demonstrate how to get started, and then jump forward through time and see what happens.

Thank you!



I would like to see an actual map of Britain with somewhat realistic cities. I mean, the layout doesn't have to be exact and the little towns and villages don't have to be exact, but I think that will really open up Simutrans to the populace seeing that they can use actual maps. I'm sure you can find a Britain height map somewhere out there in the wide world of the internet. Though that's not always the case. I was trying to find Pokemon in Japanese but I couldn't find the early seasons, meanwhile, I was able to find a movie from 1930! How does that work? Where you can't find a show from 1996 but you can find a movie from 1930.


Quote from: Ronin1996 on September 25, 2021, 03:15:14 PMWhere you can't find a show from 1996 but you can find a movie from 1930.

Well, a movie that old has probably passed onto the public domain, and there are organizations that work on keeping the public domain works available and accessible to everyone. The same can't be said for copyrighted works. It is up to the copyright holder to facilitate access to such work (and they aren't always interested).


yeah, it is also in Japanese. I eventually did find it but they are raw episodes so it doesn't have subtitles which is fine, I've been watching subbed anime for quiet a while now and picked up on some Japanese. I can probably understand 40% of what they are saying. I may not be able to tell you every sentence but I can tell you what's going on in the scene. Just by watching the characters reaction to what's being said and being able to identify a few words here and there.


You can also download external subtitles, there's no need for subtitles to be incrusted in the video. I did this reliably with Doctor Who because I did not understand very well spoken English (I've improved in part thank to that), but not sure about Pokémon subtitles availability.


I've looked and their aren't any. They say watching shows and movies in a particular language IS the best way to learn said language. You get to see how characters react to something somebody said and look at their body language while talking. It tells a lot about what's being said and how to react in different situation. The only problem I have with anime is accent. Just like here in America, Japan has accents as well. I recently read that most anime's use voice actors from the Tokyo area. It's rare to find a show with accents from say Kyoto or up in Northern Japan which I have heard is suppose to be like our Southern accent, very country bumpkin.