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Unfinished merge in config/themes/

Started by Matthew, October 02, 2021, 05:33:00 PM

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Steps to reproduce

Either A. Open the 'raw' that is available for download on the Bridgewater-Brunel server at the time of posting.
Or B. Use the Nightly Updater on Windows and then open [Drive]:\simutrans\themes\

Expected behaviour

The file matches in the master branch of jamespetts/simutrans-extended.

Actual behaviour

The first line of the file of the 'raw'/Nightly Updater is:
<<<<<<< HEAD

There is a Git merge marker in the middle:
# pak with the images for this theme
# Default simutrans theme

And the last line is:
>>>>>>> 0accae64d06b3867179915b6f2890c983b22ca99

My Linux client doesn't seem to care about this, perhaps because I am using a custom theme, but it triggered warnings in the Windows client logfile.

Also, the following setting is present in the file twice:
# pak with the images for this theme

I changed to match the master branch in a Windows installation and simu.log still reported Warning: themes_init():   Can't read themes from, which I don't see in Linux logs. I don't know whether this warning has any bad consequences as the client crashed due to an unrelated issue.
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