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Choose signal not triggered by distant signal for alternative route

Started by Rollmaterial, September 13, 2019, 02:23:55 PM

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When being routed through an alternative route by a choose signal, a distant or multi-aspect signal will not trigger the reservation. The train will slow down for the choose signal until it is within sighting distance.

In the attached save, the line's default platform at land stop 2 is the northernmost one.


It would be nice if the distant signal could show a 3rd aspect in case the choose signal ahead shows diverting to alternative route aspect. But it is only low priority and eye candy adding to reality for some signalling systems (CZ/SK, SWE)


Now that the memory consumption issue has been fixed, I would like to bring attention to this bug, which has seemingly been forgotten.





Is trains slowing down before a choose signal every time their default platform or route is obstructed really the intended behaviour?


It somewhat resembles British practice of delayed clearance, or celarance on approach, when the signal is cleared only when the train is (almost) stopped. It is used as a form of "caution" signal, or to slow down a train before taking slower branch route, instead of faster main route.  However it would be nice to have the alternative route solved already at distant signal, and allowing the distant signal to show appropriate (third) aspect.