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Suggestion: Indepth Industry Chain and realistic Production speed

Started by Spartanis, May 10, 2009, 02:49:48 AM

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To whom it may concern,

While Simutrans are fun to play with, I yearn to create a map with as many different industry as possible, along with realistic production speed.

For example of Production speed. Lets say a farmer can only produce, hypothetically, 100 tonnes of wheat per year (due to the restriction of the size of his land). And the Grain Mill Factory can only product, say, 1000 tonnes of Grain into 800 tonnes of Flour (assuming nothing else was needed to add into the mix).

Of course, i could experiment with changing the fields in EDIT MAP mode, but its tedious to work out the perfect correlation between many farms to a Mill with the right amount of produce being produced. (20 Farms at 100 production speed to one Mill @ 600 production speed).

I wish to conduct a research, with any ideas from you Simutrans Fans, to come up with a realistic Table of industry chain Production Speed. Any idea on where to start? (To Simutrans Coders, i noticed that in nightly, any less than 100 in grain farm, tends to shut the game down, is there an absolute minimum value for all industry?)


To create a list of COMPLETE INDUSTRY CHAIN known to mankind.

Such examples are:

SALT Farm --> Salt Production (Fine Salt, Butchers Salt, Iodized Salt) ---->  Supermarket, Farm Shop, Horse Shop, Deli, Petrol Station (yes they sell food as well .. well here in Australia they do) etc etc
FARM (Wheat, Barley, Oats, Wool, Meat(Sheep), Meat(Cow), Manure, Hay (Oaten, Meadow, Lucerne, straw) --->  Grain Mill (receival: wheat, oats) (dispatch: Flour, Bags of oats, etc) Farm Shop (Bales of hay) etc etc

Having such list available for all to see, one can create paksets with this guide in mind. Thus allowing Simutrans to expand to nice and interesting level of gaming.

The best way to do this, is one start with ONE PRIMARY industry, and think about what it produce. How much it produced, and what it required to produced it (from another PRIMARY industry).

Anoither great way is for a member to provide infomation of what produce the company they worked for.. provided...


Do you think this is a good and fun thing to do?

If most say yes, I will conduct ONE industry chain, and then create models in BLENDER, and hope someone will convert them into PAKSET for use (as i still havent gotten that far to learn yet, for im still learning Blender atm)

Cheers Big Ears


For me, what count for the fact that there are different kind of industry chain is that they have different assembly tree.  Some only require one factory process, some doesn't even require any process and consumed directly.
Some may require more than 3 ingredients on top of that each ingredients processed once or twice.

Other than that, currently, they are only graphical difference. What ever is consumed at final destination, it just helps cities grows faster. Thus, it is important in any pak, differenciate well the structure of industry chain. (which pak maintainer does)