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Steam Statistics 2021

Started by Roboron, October 12, 2021, 06:40:47 PM

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It was just a year ago when I published statistics about Simutrans on Steam (up to 11 October 2020). So here I come again with sweet data: How has been doing Simutrans this year in Steam?

1 - Simutrans downloads
Total downloads: From this day a year ago, Simutrans has been downloaded 17 000 times on Steam, an increase of 65% (7 000 more downloads) over the previous year. Of those new owners, "only" 12 000 actually played the game.

Simutrans downloads by day: In this second graphic we can observe a curious behaviour: peak downloads days were 7 February and 3 April. But Roboron, why is that curious? Well that's because both days have something in common: They were a couple days after the first OpenTTD announcement that they were coming to Steam (4 February) and the actual release of OpenTTD on Steam (1 April). So the release of OpenTTD actually had a positive effect on Simutrans, if only briefly.

Downloads by region/country show that Western Europe/Germany is still the region/country with more downloads, with Asia/Japan second and North America/US third. However, this does not translate 1:1 for current players, see the next section.

2 - Simutrans players
Daily users data shows a similar behaviour. The 5 April it was very close (350 players) to the current record (352 players from 2020). However, this was the same day Simutrans OTRP was released on Steam, so this may be the real reason behind it, not the OpenTTD release.

Player counts show more Mac users playing Simutrans after the Mac version was fixed for Steam (24 October), and for a while surpassed Linux users, but they are now on the same level more or less.

Our players demographic has also changed. Notably, players from Asia have increased greatly, and Asia players are now very close to Western Europe players. Japanese players are now the new kings of Simutrans with 22.73% of total players, while German players are now the second. Another region which has seen an increase in players is Latin America, with Brazil leading the way.

Players by region 2020 vs 2021 (for comparison). Showing countries with 1%+ of players.

3 - Steam Hardware Survey
Note: The Hardware Survey is opt-in so it is not a direct representation of Simutrans players.

Users by OS

Users by CPU

Users by RAM: Compared to previous year 16 and 16+ GB have seen a notable increase, while other numbers are practically the same.

Users by resolution

Users by language: not Simutrans language, but Steam's interface language.

Users by GPU: I don't know why this chart is not sorted

There are more statistics, but I think those are all the relevant ones for us :-)

4 - Steam Announcements
Note: Data of announcements made on December 2020 may be inaccurate due to a Steam issue.

Here you can see the Steam announcements I made this year, with its "impressions" (see but not clicked) and actual reads. You can see that announcements made previous to me being a maintainer have much lower numbers than after the comeback.

The article with more reads is "Termination of Simutrans OTRP Development" while the article with more impressions is "Simutrans Extra #0" (surprisingly to me, since that's not an update article).


This is more or less what also sourceforge tells. Although on sourceforge the number of downloads decreased notably after January 2021. Usually it is 8000 per month.
Last week 77 downloading the mac version (which I think is broken ...) and 21 Linux versus ~400 Windows users.
Most downloaded on sourceforge is pak64 then pak128.German, then pak128. Coutry order is Japan. Germany, Brazil, US, Czech ttps://


Apr 2020 i think it is the lockdown of covid19 (corona)


Quote from: prissi on October 13, 2021, 12:46:07 AMLast week 77 downloading the mac version (which I think is broken ...)
I wonder why no one complains...

Curious that Brazil actually surpassed US downloads via SourceForge! There's definitely a growing Brazilian player base.

I didn't think on checking the paksets statistics, but it shows a pretty different picture than the SourceForge ones. pak64 is actually one of the least downloaded. Pak128.Japan is the winner but with Pak128.German very, very close.

Pak downloads + increment vs previous year (remember that after the pakset update they were de-bundled).
Pak128.Japan: 3,871 +120%
Pak128.German: 3,829 +91%
Pak192.Comic: 3,371 +103%    
Pak128.Britain: 3,102 +63%
Pak64: 3,013 +29%    
Pak64.German: 2,914 +74%    

Pak128 obviously does not appear because it is the default.


These all are very close together. Seems like most people click on everything ...