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Started by Green, October 11, 2021, 06:15:06 AM

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Is this topic still active now?

I tried pak64.japan and felt that some buildings were extremely out-dated.
Will you replace old-time castles with modern buildings for city offices? They are out-dated, because nowadays there is no city offices inside castles in Japan.
Thank you.


Pak japan receives bug fixes and updates, but now much more. Also there are no modern style townhalls (apart from the large one for Tokyo which appear for more than 60000 inhabitants. If there are 2x2 or 2x1 small townhalls there, I am happy to include them. But I cannot draw, 99% of the contents is compiled from other sources like the japanese wiki.

I would also happily give over maintenance to someone else ...


If there are 2x2 or 2x1 small townhalls there, I am happy to include them.
There are such kinds of stuffs in Pak64.nippon. I think it seems many buildings and stores has been already adopted from that Pak.


I think pak.nippon has very much nailed down the landscape, much better than I could ever do. I lacks however a selection of Japanese vehicles, even though a ton of them is available on the Japanese Wiki (where I got them in 2005-2007 essentially).

Using a good, one could easily convert all those current vehicles form pak64 in pak.nippon to their Japanese counterparts, and have new ones as well. Or have an addon, that replace the current named vehicles by matching Japanese which just use the same name.


As you said, I too think pak.nippon has very much nailed down the landscape. So that, you advised me to import Japanese trains from pak.japan or use add-ons. I understand that your suggestion is reasonable and a good workaround.

Thank you for your nice advice.


pak64.japan also has Shinkansen as monorail, so one cannot run shinkansen on normal tracks. Probably one would use narrowgauge for them in a newer version, and thus would need to change the dat files of the shinkansen in the wiki (but most come with dats anyway). I certainly would look forward to a pak japan with better landscape and matching trains.


As I mentioned that pak.japan includes old castles, I found modern city headquarters at Simutrans Japanese Wiki by chance. So they were replaced by this add-on, and afterwards pak.japan is working nicely. I suggest this replacement in the future release.

The current situation of pak.japan is rather satisfying to me. For your reference, file: is available for free from Japanese Wiki.


The townhalls were not so nice, and contained a lot of pixel errors. I refurbished them a little. Also there is no snow version.

The large townhall is already in the set, appearing after 1970 and reaching 10000 people. A small 1x1 townhall is missing instead for small cities.

Anyway, I added also a few residental buildings and played with the cluster parameter.