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Screenshots of PAK128.german

Started by michelstadt, March 23, 2012, 08:23:11 PM

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And some repaints for new versions of vehicles:

E71 to an later version with 65 km/h.
Zacns to VAG M18.0800
Eanos x059 to Eanos x051
Gbs 252 to Gbs 254.


And more modifications from existing vehicles...


Nice !
Could I have the sources for the G1206 BB ? I would like to convert them for the standard pak128 size, (of course, I'll quote your name ;) )
Europeans addons in project:

Too much ! ;-)


Yes, but its created from the G 1000 BB and I have not changed all details in the 3d-model. For example the 1206 is ~600mm longer as the 1000BB.

Zip contains the files for ST pak128.german and the 3d-model as .fbx and .3ds, hope that works. What I can´t do: I have no .ps-files from the textures, I use a 20years old foto editor instead photoshop.


4 other modifications from existing vehicles...


New powerplants.... maybe only as addons: