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Simutrans 121 PAK 128 German 1.2 and 1.3

Started by popeye77T, October 21, 2021, 09:36:25 AM

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In the middle of a game the depots(road, rail and shipping) and line management all disappear.  They can return after several restarts.  This has only started about 2 months ago.  Very strange?


May be, but I personally have never ever encountered this. I assume you mean screen UI buttons (depots(road, rail and shipping) and line management) disappear.
Have you tried keyboard shortcuts to display any of them? In what game years did it happen exactly? What was the map size? Can you reproduce this error on the same device from a savegame?


Thanks for your reply Ampersand.  You are correct.  The UIs and Line Management disappeared and this seemed to be random.  It happened several times but now appears to have gone away.
The game year was probably either 1980 or 1986 and screen size was 512x512.  I didn't try any shortcuts but just closed the game and after a couple of restarts it was normal again.  I have now
tried all my saved games and they are OK,
I did try screen size 640x640 and had the same problem.  But it was always random.....not every time.  Anyway it is now fine.  I hope this may help in some way.  Thanks again.


Hi Ampersand, I have found the answer.  The problem was simply that I had switched from human player to public and then forgot to switch back.  Just getting old (80) I guess.  Thanks anyway,
sorry to have bothered you.