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Why is my station not being supplied

Started by TransportFanMar, November 20, 2021, 10:21:26 AM

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My sawmill has a linked consumer and storage is full. After a few months the station stopped being supplied. Why may this be?


There might be multiple reasons.
Most likely the linked inudstries don't demand further goods because the input storage is full or there are too many goods en route already.


That's what I thought but the brewhouse (sorry not sawmill I got confused) still wants wood


Edit: Nevermind. The problem was that the docks on the slaughterhouse side was not connected with the industry.

I have a similar issue. In a 1750 start, I have connected several cattle farms to a slaughter house (short overland routes with livestock drivers). I then connected the slaughterhouse to a market about 30 km away with boats. The slaughter house is fully stocked on meat and refuses additional livestock. The route connecting to the market has however never worked. The market says "no shipment demanded" for meat. That same market has no problem accepting vegetables from nearby farms. I have no idea why the market does not want meat.


Slaughter house: