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pak192comic in Extended

Started by 1993matias, December 14, 2021, 09:29:00 PM

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Hi there,

Really nice to see pak192 being worked on, it's a lovely design! I tried downloading the latest package on github (, but it seems a bit unfinished. For example, all rail carriages have the same comfort rating, there is only one passenger class and liveries have not been implemented rather than just making copies of the vehicles.
This is not a criticism of a great pakset, don't get me wrong. But is it me who is not opening the pak correctly, or is it just not entirely finished?

Thanks :)



thanks a lot.
We're very aware of this. Unfortunately converting from Standard to Extended takes a lot of effort.
By now, I'm pretty happy to say that it loads at all and cabs are set properly so trains run the way they should.
In plus, there are tilting trains and some locomotives have proper values.

There should be some liveries here and there, at least the Vectron and some passenger cars should have them.
Sadly, I just had to figure that the current nightly does not build...

I'll reply again if the building process works again.


So unless I broke it again, auto compiling the git works again.

I'm still doing work on passenger classes and a proper error handling in the compiler, which is a lot of work so I can't say when to expect anything further.

I also had to figure that during the last merge, a lot of things overrid our adopted vehicles in the pakset folder with addons from standard that resulted in a huge loss of adapted vehicles.