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Simutrans Steam Screenshot Contest

Started by Roboron, November 01, 2020, 06:50:20 PM

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Important: I have changed the survey link to, since Frank has kindly taken the time to prepare a survey with thumbnails. I see one of you have already voted. Please, vote again on the new survey, and sorry for the inconvenience. Also voting period delayed up to January 10th.

Yes, that was the problem. Right-clicking the image get me the wrong link, which worked yesterday, but don't work today. I've obtained the right link quoting the post. It should be fixed now.

Good thing I didn't post the announcement yet.


I don't understand how to vote, I can open the pictures link, and click on "send answers" (then the site tells me that I did'nt selected any choices) but nothing else... I'm logged in, so is it a bug or did I do something wrong ?
Europeans addons in project:

Too much ! ;-)


You should see a checkbox under every thumbnail, don't you see it?

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Alas, I didn't see a checkbox before, but I do now.

In my browser (Firefox), it does look like the checkboxes have a huge gap and appear above the next image - many may vote for the wrong image:

My apologies for pointing this out - I appreciate the herculean effort being put into this!


yeah, the same here with Chrome and Edge. The check boxes look like they go with the image below them, not the one prior. I  :heart: HTML, don't you?


Quote from: Isaac Eiland-Hall on December 26, 2020, 12:42:28 AMAlas, I didn't see a checkbox before, but I do now.

Priorly there was a bug preventing non-logged users from voting, but It seems that Frank has solved it. Not sure if he can also improve the position of the checkboxes.


That's okay for me, I did'nt see the checkboxes before. Voted !
Europeans addons in project:

Too much ! ;-)


First, sorry for the delay - I was busy reviewing the winners and creating the artwork. Now, it is time to announce the winners!


1 - First (and only) winner is "City of Malaga" by Yau.


1 - First winner is  Kasukabe Station by danivenk

2 - Second winner is Kanegasaki Station, also by danivenk

3 - Third winner is  Kinashi Island, surprisingly by danivenk

Other winners (4-6) can be seen on the pakset steam workshop page
- Yoshida Station
- Yoshida Station - Underground
- Kasukabe Station - Underground


1 - The first winner of PAK128 is... ¡"New Harbour" by ayylmayooo (Absolutely Nobody on Steam)! Congratulations!

2 - The second winner is "Zeebrugge" by Lieven. It seems like the jury like ports :P

3 - And the third winner is "Road spaghettis 2", by Lieven. Can you see the beauty in all this disorder?

Other winners of pak128 (4-10) can be seen on Simutrans Main Store Page (alongside the first winners of each category):
- City of Brussels 1
- City of Brussels 2
- City of Brussels 3
- Countryside of France
- Mining complex
- Shigetomi JCT
- Wakita Station


1 - The first winner of PAK128 is "Lakebourne transport hub", from Vladki. Simple yet convincing. Congratulations!

2 - The second winner is "Ledbury Main Station" by DThunder518. A great railway system.

3 - And the third winner is "Withernsea Junction". Another great railway system  by DThunder518.

Other winners (4-8) can be seen on PAK128.Britain Steam Store Page:
- Burnham Mail Facility
- Port Jervis
- Reigate Airport
- Wickwar Airport
- Wootton-Basset Airport


Unfortunately, PAK128.CS is not yet available via Steam (but it will in the future). I'll leave here the original image links.

1 - The first winner of PAK128.CS is "Near the main station" by Zeruon. So colourful, good job!

2 - The second winner is "Brno" by DThunder518

3 - An the third winner is "Dublovieky Crossing", by DThunder518 too.

Other winners (4-5) are:
- Nechalov Interchange
- Oil Refinery


1 - The first winner of PAK128.German is... "Oktoberfest needs more beer!" by iGi. I wonder why you choose this.

2 - The second winner is "Alpine City Brentham" by DThunder518 (poor DThunder518 never gets the first position).

3 - And the third position goes to... "Flughafen Torwick", also by DThunder518.

Other winners (4-10) can be seen on the PAK128.German Steam Store Page, and those are:
- freight distribution station
- Flughafen Oak Bay
- Regionalflughafen Oldham
- Renton Hauptbahnhof & Renton Westbahnhof (good thing I don't need to pronounce this)
- Renwick Center
- Garmisch 2
- Ruhrgebiet 3


1 - First (and only) winner of PAK128.japan is "Mountainous Area" by ahakuoku. Congratulations?


I want to give my sincere thanks to every participant - even if you didn't win, you helped Simutrans by submitting your best screenshots so that other (potential) players can apprecite how great Simutrans can be in the hands of experienced players like you. You have also helped to improve the store pages, not only we have new (and better!) screenshots, I remember you that:

- First winner of each category will be displayed on the main Simutrans page (so that players know that other paksets exists by looking at screenshots).
- Second winner of each category will be used as the header for the pakset DLC. This is now the header for PAK128.Britain or PAK128.Japan, as examples, which will be visible also on your library and on store searchs:

- Third winner will be used as the background of the store page.

For the second winner of PAK128, as changing Simutrans main header is not a good idea (it is very distintive as it is), I thought it was a good idea to use "Zeebrugge" for the "Library Capsule". I really like the result, and now we have a better image for Simutrans on our library main page.

I'm very happy with all the participations we have received this contest, and I look forward to celebrate another contest this year. The only sad thing is that no one participated in the PAK192.Comic category, which is really lacking good screenshots. For now, I have to focus on other things, but that will probably be the theme for the next contest. Until them, happy Simutransing!

Procedure for choosing winners

You can keep reading if you are interested in how I choose between screenshots with the same votes. Fortunately, First and Second positions were always clear, but I had to decide more than one time the third winner. I did so by using a point system based on how well the screenshot follow the guidelines (theme, resolution, and no UI).

# pak128 third winner
08 - Road spaghettis 2: 3
01 - City of Brussels 1: 2
04 - Countryside of France: 2
12 - Shigetomi JCT: 2
16 - Wakita Station: 2

# pak128 other winners (3 needed)

02 - City of Brussels 2: 3
03 - City of Brussels 3: 3
10 - Mining complex: 3

# pak128 non-winners:
05 - Railway Spaghettis 1: 2
06 - Railway Spaghettis 2: 2.7
07 - Road spaghettis 1: 2.7
13 - Hiroki-Sesekushi Suspension Bridge: 2
14 - Kaimon Station: 2
15 - Usuki Station: 1.5
17 - Ishino Station area: 1.5
18 - Highway Exit Kurotaki: 2
19 - Takaono Station: 1.5
20 - Shigetomi Station: 2
21 - Miyama Station: 2
22 - South-East Tokiwa: 2

# pak128.german third winner
43 - freight distribution station: 2
46 - Flughafen Oak Bay: 2.5
47 - Regionalflughafen Oldham: 2.5
48 - Renton Hauptbahnhof & Renton Westbahnhof: 2.5
49 - Renwick Center: 2.5
50 - Flughafen Torwick: 2.5
Screenshot_1_2: 2
Screenshot_1_3: 2

As all the images with 2.5 points were submitted by DThunder, so I just choose my favourite one to fit the background. This also happened on PAK128.Britain when choosing between second and third winner (both also by DThunder). If you are mad at this, you can impugnate the results.


They are very beautiful images, I would like to choose one for the facebook cover. <3

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Thank you so very much for all your hard work and promotion for this, Roboron. This is a huge benefit to the community, and I'm very grateful for your efforts.

<waves hands>You saw no typos in this post</waves hands>


Quote from: Isaac Eiland-Hall on January 22, 2021, 04:02:26 PM
Thank you so very much for all your hard work and promotion for this, Roberon. This is a huge benefit to the community, and I'm very grateful for your efforts.
Hooray Roboron for president!!!.... :D

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Wait, I didn't know Hooray was his first name! :)


Quote from: Isaac Eiland-Hall on January 22, 2021, 04:02:26 PMThank you so very much for all your hard work and promotion for this, Roberon

Yeah Roberon, thank you, whoever you are *cough*.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Exciuse me, Roboron, but we are clearly trying to thank Hooray Roberon for all his hard work. Quit trying to steal that man's glory!