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Industries for the holidays

Started by wlindley, December 19, 2021, 03:40:06 PM

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With the holidays nearly upon us, if there is interest I could work on releasing one or more of these within the next week or two.  Comments and suggestions appreciated.

Simple Changes

  • New industry: Stonemason

    • 1750-present
    • accepts Stone from Quarry
    • use the little building stone-church.1.2 and .1.3 along with one new tile to be drawn
    • (Perhaps at some point there could be a parameter in the dat file for curiosities and monuments so that cathedrals would spawn a Stonemason, and likewise Colleges and Universities would spawn bookstores...)
  • New industry: Fish Pond (see Wikipedia on fish ponds in the UK)

    • 1750-1870.  Possibly reintroduced 1950.
    • produces a small amount of fish (foods; not 'fresh fish')
    • located along a river, perhaps only in the northern regions
Wider changes. New good: "Food oil"

  • Update industry: Fishing port

    • possibly also produce new good, "food oil" (in barrels) sold to Apothecary, until 1910
  • No change: Grain farm
      However, this is in keeping with some grain farms producing Flax (see below)
  • Update industry: Grain mill

    • Also produce new good, "food oil"  (in small quantities pre-1900)    to be sold in Apothecaries (pre-1880) and Grocers (post-1810).
  • Industry variant: Spinner's cottage, for Flax

    • 1750-1890
    • grain -> textiles
    • The flax industry seems to have changed more slowly than wool and cotton. Within the limitations of the game I believe it would be fair to continue 'cottage industry' awhile longer for flax, which was being phased out in any case.  See Flaxland's history of Flax in the U.K.
    • (If industries could accept "either/or" inputs, ideally we would define a new goods type"Flax" and have the grain mills accept that as an alternative; then have one spinner's cottage that would accept either wool or flax.)


Pull request 132 includes the Stonemason industry -- a 1×1 city shop that receives a little Stone each month... thereby giving a little variety to the output of Quarries..  The industry remains essentially unchanged from 1750 to the present, just like the prototype.

Also included, with a slight rework of the stone building internals, is the Natural History Museum, 5×2 in two rotations with snow images:

which is available in 1881 as was London's on Cromwell Road, whose architecture this somewhat resembles.

Happy Yuletide!


These are now incorporated as of about a week ago. Thank you to W. Lindley for adding these.
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