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Missing Essentials before 1900

Started by Roboron, December 19, 2021, 08:54:11 PM

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A bug reported on the Steam forums (more like a suggestion)


Quote from: Huperspace2021 V0.6 RC1
Industry and vehicles would allow to start at 1800 but it's only realy possible at 1900+.

Road and rail bridges&tunnels missing until 1900  (realy needed with this slow, low cap vehicles)
rail tunnels missing until 1840
Road freight station is missing until 1900+ (need to use a neighboring rail freight station)

most train waggons are missing until 1900


Thanks for reporting it here!

Meanwhile I changed the default starting year to 1975 because i thought 1930 would almost be unplayable lol.

Honestly, the timeline pre 1900 is far out of focus right now.
There's just nothing to fill the time but one or two steam engines.
We do not have buildings for that time, we don't have station, there's just nothing.

Right now, the development focuses on Extended and / or the time past 1930, to get at least these fun to play for now.

Btw. even though it doesn't solve the issue at all, is the RC1 still the latest build on Steam?
There's a RC2 release out since quite a while.


The default branch of Steam is using the 122 stable release (October, 2020). But the RC2 requires a nightly from this summer (according to your post). Hence I can't update pak192.comic on the default branch. It is updated in the nightly branch, but an announcement was not made.

Quote from: Roboron on June 24, 2021, 03:22:15 PMNow uploaded to the nightly Steam branch. Should I make a small update announcement?