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Simutrans 122.0 mouse drag problems with SDL2-2.0.18 update in Fedora Linux

Started by TrainSalad, December 14, 2021, 05:17:40 PM

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Hi people,
I've been playing the last Simutrans release on Fedora Linux. Some time ago mouse dragging in Simutrans stopped working. I can not drag around the map with the mouse, cannot move the ingame windows, cannot drag with the way building tools.

I did some digging around and found that SDL2 was upgraded from version 2.0.16 to version 2.0.18 around the same time. Downgrading SDL2 back to 2.0.16 fixes the issue. The packages I downgraded are:
The packages that work are:
This problem happens with both the Steam version and with a version I downloaded from here:
I'm hesitant to report this on the Fedora bugtracker because Simutrans is not in the official Fedora repos. I've never been able to run the versions built for Ubuntu, so could not test the nightly.



I would suggest to compile it yourself, static compilations across different Linux distros may or may not work. Self compiling is more reliable.

You could also try the nightly even though this is for ubuntu.

The SDL2 code was changed a lot recently, and thus a nightly may fix this issue. (To allow for finger motion, but it affected also the dragging.) So I recommend compiling yourself. It is quite easy on Linux. See the technical documentation section below.


Compiling the latest nightly on Arch Linux with SDL2-2.0.18 -> No problem
Executing Simutrans 122 from Steam -> Problem
Executing Simutrans Nightly from Steam -> No problem

So the problem does indeed seems to be the combination of 122 stable + SDL2-2.0.18. But it also seems to be fixed in the latest nightly, so try that. If you don't want to compile the nightly yourself, the Nightly beta branch on Steam should work...


I was not aware that the nigtlies were available on Steam! Thank you for this information! And indeed I can confirm that it works with the new SDL2 version without problem.