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Waiting Time on horse_post2

Started by Roboron, December 31, 2021, 06:40:28 PM

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The waiting time on horse_post2 seems to be too high according to this bug report on Steam.

QuoteHorse_post2 is waiting at every station depending on load up to 1 ingame day. (using in combo with MB_Lo_2000)
This causes very long jams and almost none throughput.
I had to replace them with the old Horse_post1 to be common again.



In the dat files it's on loading_time=110, the MBO 2000 is at loading_time=894.
So technically, the horse should load way faster than the bus. The other Horse is using loading_time=70, which is shorter, but considering the extra 50% load, it seems fair to me.
i have no clue what causes this issue, neither can I reproduce this, but I'm also not running the steam version.