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New game - familiar grafics.

Started by mobosbro, January 08, 2022, 03:32:01 PM

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Hi im Fabian, moistboys bro.
He created the start of the Pak.32.Comic and i made some Buildings aswell.
I am creating a brand new Isometric Pixel SOcial Game. Working title: We Love Africa
I am looking for a few freelancing Artists to help me with some 196x196 Pixel or Vector Grafics. There is no payment involved, but if the Prototype is ready I will launch a kickstarter campain, if you are still willing to participate maybe some of the Kickstarter Fund can become yours.

Prissi allowed my request.

Greets from Berlin


Seems your inbox is already full. Just wondered about your intended scale - whether overlap with p192c would be possible.


You are completely right 192x192px is my scale.
My inbox only holds 1 msg i deleted it now.
I upload some prototypes of grafics:

Last one is the Working Title, the game has an charity aspect. Play 2 Save is the model i create there.


Quote from: mobosbro on January 11, 2022, 11:25:44 PMYou are completely right 192x192px is my scale.
That's the tile size I guess. Scale has a slightly different meaning. Using examples from Simutrans, there is a pak64.H0, which has trains about the same size as in pak192.comic - same scale, different tile size. I suppose your game has some scale where tiles represent buildings, not just characters like eg. XCom, since you post here and care about characters behind stuff based on your clipping tests.

Let's put it another way:

This is one of the buildings in p192c. It's not African, rather Arabian, but if it was - would it fit your game in scale and style? This would allow a graphical exchange benefiting both projects.
If that's not what you are after, due to style or for other reasons, I'd still like to know what you are looking for. As a pixel artist, I can do different stuff than I did for p192c, but it will always be pixel art.

If you want a smooth vector style or 3D renders, I couldn't help.


The style would fit nicely, needed are african buildings aswell as european, sieht richtig nice aus, we can share grafics, i would be glad. Tell me pls what grafic tool you use Photoshop Asprite or some other.



Sry doublepost
This is what a Gamegrafic would be made out:
pic1 and 2 are needed. last pic is the result at night (minus stars)
Credit goes to Leartin

I work on the terrain right now.


A first image of some grafics in the godot engine.

And a video about the concept, but its german.