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Trains brake 1 tile too late in front of signals

Started by ceeac, January 09, 2022, 10:32:40 AM

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If a train has to stop in front of a red signal, the train decelerates from 50 km/h to a stop instead of from 25 km/h as in stations. This is especially visible when changing brake_speed_countdown (in to this for demonstration purposes:

static sint32 brake_speed_countdown[4] = {
kmh_to_speed(100), // was: kmh_to_speed(50)


Trains stop one tile after a signal. Not in front of a signal, if they drive from right bottom to the top left or left bottom to the top right


@makie: They stop on the signal tile, but it appear as if they drove half a tile further. This is a longstanding issue, which would be solved by a different alignment. However, this creates problems in curves. Please look at other thread in the patches section.

On the 25 km/h issue: The problem is that all trains would pass a choose  signal to another than the default track and any longblock signal at 25 km/h. Therefore the 25 km/h was omitted.


Quote from: prissi on January 09, 2022, 11:57:56 AMThis is a longstanding issue, which would be solved by a different alignment
No, the alignment in the graphic can not be changed because it fits perfect to the stops. It need a program solution.
But ok, this problem is about 10 years old, and nobody has dared to solve it.


The alingement of the  graphics can be easily changed. Simutrans can change them even on load. In stops convoi stop early to avoid overhanding, which gave a bunch of other problems, which would not be needed with "proper" alignment.