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PR#481 Corrections regarding dysfunction of industrial chains

Started by [C] Ranran, January 28, 2022, 09:24:38 AM

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[C] Ranran

Pull request #481 to submit industry-related fixes.

This patch makes it clear that the industrial chain is dysfunctional.

So far, the industrial building has only checked if its own connections are in the correct state.
In case of error, "missing connection" was displayed.
In other words, in an industrial chain where A=>B=>C, C has never bothered to check whether A=>B is functioning properly.
The patch expands this search range.

The difficulty in understanding the entire industrial chain may have led to wasteful transportation by players.
In some cases, it was difficult to notice problems, especially when industry closures occurred.
For example, if the material to make iron does not exist in the world, the factory will not be able to produce it, but the consumer will not be aware of this fact.

By tightening the error judgment of the factory status, the functional recovery of the industrial chain was also quicker in a few experiments.
Check it out at demo.sve.
First of all, when you start it up, you will see that there are more industries showing errors than ever before. This is because the search range for errors has been expanded.
Please proceed fast forward until the next month. Connection recovery processing occurs during the month transition, and more connections are added than before the patch, and many (apparently all industries) industries return to normal status.

After applying this patch, if there is a problem upstream in the industry chain, i.e. material is not available, a new error "material_not_available" will be displayed.

The second change is to the color of the goods chart buttons in the factory info window.
Until now, the available colors depended on a color palette of 224 colors, which resulted in a lack of color variation and a series of very approximate colors.
This has been slightly improved by changing the gradient.


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