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pak48.Excentrique v0.19 RC2 Released

Started by Roboron, January 08, 2022, 11:02:16 PM

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A new version of pak48.Excentrique (0.19 RC2) for Simutrans 123 has been released. The focus of this version has been in adapting the pakset to Simutrans 123 after years since the last release, so feedback about any issues running the pakset with current Simutrans versions is very appreciated.



Changes since version 0.18
- Updates and clean-up work to compile with current MakeObj.
- Some updates to the language files.
- Fixed a crash related to a bad mix of unusual shapes for lightmap of the slopes and the water tiles,17509.0.html


Still working on small graphical and text improvement. This branch is feature-frozen, only fixes will be made here. New stuff will go into the 0.20 branch - I'll post about that separately.

For today I have new icons, in a more consistent design.


Looking pretty good. I see they are all now facing the same direction, and doesn't have a white contour anymore. Well, the contour looked okay in mid-sized icons, but not so well in small and big icons, so I like the change.

The special constructions icons are all new! Finally they show excentrique trees 😀