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Replace pause button icon

Started by Roboron, January 19, 2022, 07:19:42 PM

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Recently a new player complained that the "Steam version" didn't  have a "pause button" because it didn't identify the "coffee button" with the pause button. Well, I think that the coffee icon has a "funny" touch, but I would prefer a button to clearly state its function, specially if it is a very important button that otherwise would confuse players and generate invalid bug reports :-)

Since I've access to the pak128 repo, I've replaced the coffee icon with the pause icon from pak64. This is just an informative/justification post.


Ahhhhh! The history ...
It was a joke between Flor Wouters and me.

But yes, I think most sets had it replaced meanwhile?


What was the joke?

I thought it was a reference to the "coffee break".


it was. I think Flor had the idea.