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[Linux] Delay when pressing buttons in the pak selector

Started by Roboron, January 19, 2022, 08:32:53 PM

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The pak selector and the integrated installer have a delay when pressing buttons, that can vary from an extra second when you click an entry up to 10 seconds when you try to move the scrollbar.

Such delay is not in the game itself, only in this initial screen.

This started happening to me around 2 months ago, but only recently another user confirmed this to me.

EDIT: r10186 cause this problem.


I can confirm this too. It was not in the first version that I downloaded, but after pulling sources from git to compile them myself I got the delay. Must be post 123.0

Ranran on indefinite leave


After some investigation compiling older revisions, it seems that r10186 cause this problem.


I can confirm this too.
The wait (roundabout 10sec) is before loading pakset.


Have the devices a touchpad? If finger handling is on SDL2 translates one touch to about 50 events, each moving the finger by 0.00001 pixel (since these are floats). Simutrans handles one event per loop and then sleeps 20 ms in modal mode. Apparently, the SDL2 does a denial of service attack on such an event queue.

Please try r10370