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Two trains on one platform may lead to deadlocks

Started by michelstadt, January 10, 2022, 09:54:56 AM

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With simutrans 123.0 trains do no longer only stop at the end of station platforms which looks nice. It even looks nice when two trains stop at a platform. Unfortunately this ends up in a deadlock when they lead to opposite directions as shown with the image.Pathfinding does not help at least one of the trains to leave the station by a free platform, each train waits for clearance.

Either platforms should get reserved to only one train as it was before 123.0 or pathfinding should allow an alternative route to leave the platform.


Then you (or some pakset maintainer) has set stop_halt_as_scheduled=1 in Default is zero, which should drive to the end of the platform.

EDIT: Default was enabled, I do not know why. In r10345 it is disabled again as default.


build in here:,21195.msg197545.html#msg197545

but: if a train use a platform, no other train should go in.
No matter where the train stops, whether at front of the platform, in the middle, or at the tile that is noted in the schedule.

I think it is a bug, THLeaderH not has noticed.


Sure it would still be nice to see trains stopping in the middle of a platform. In the meantime I install r10345. Thanks for helping!


r10369: Trains still behave like stop_halt_as_scheduled=1. No change if I add explicitly stop_halt_as_scheduled=0 to simuconf. I even added it to the pak's simuconf - without changes.


It will only apply for new games, or games where the setting has been edited and saved and loaded again.


Oh sorry, I did not notice that there is a new entry in the ingame settings. To me the issue is solved, things work as expected. Thank you !