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[Project] Simutrans for HAIKU

Started by cocobean, January 26, 2022, 07:12:18 AM

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Hello! Just wanted to open a topic for anyone wanting to help test and improve Simutrans on HAIKU.

I've gotten nearly all of the graphic packs working on this platform with Simutrans - so will test any
nightly builds and/or releases as needed. 


Glad to see someone taking care of it! But you may not find many Haiku users over here, unluckily.

In any case, if/when you finish the porting, you can send your patches upstream and we could incorporate them. Simutrans already has code specific to Haiku (or BeOS), if it stood behind is because no one was interested in maintaining it.

Also if you could get the build process integrated in GitHub CI (using containers I guess), this could be helpful to publish Haiku releases again, as we rely on that pretty much nowadays.


We always welcome more platforms. If the next stable is release, I would like to also offer an "official" download from Sourceforge.