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Ships for Waste / Garbage in pak64

Started by Giziar, January 28, 2022, 05:59:23 PM

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I am having a fairly large map with quite some water on it and I could really use ships that can transport garbage however I haven't seen them anywhere.Does someone have seen them somewhere as add-on?
Kind regards & thanks in advance,


The MS Muell becomes available in 1953


Sigh. I feel like a beginner and should have checked with a map at a later date.
Ah well. It's 1946 now so only about 150 playing hours to go!
(Playing with a slower speed than standard. Started in 1910 and just realising what that does mean for the total playing time of this save ...)


A garbage barge for the tug would make some sense, but there is still a gap between the retirement date of the tug and the introduction of the waste ship.

For rail, there is something a an opposite problem. While the waste car available from early on never retires, one needs extremely long trains once the running cost of locomotives increases sharply, since that is the only car there is, and it seems balanced for early cheap and weak locomotives.