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Metro/Underground stations

Started by garro, January 31, 2022, 07:11:49 AM

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Pak128 includes, since 1926, vehicles for metropolitan service (TMB Class 100) although it is not possible to build underground stations with the available platforms (except for the simple freight platform).
There was some work in progress from mEGa ( for suitable stations. Maybe that could be completed and included into the main pakset.


Thanks, I included this. But I really do not want to mantain pak128.


Hi, I tried the station in game and see a strange glitch. Can you help me understand why?
Thank you


It is probably not correctly aligned. Which year is that station?


No, it's not the alignment. If you open the source file, you can see that on the very left, there is a white strip rather than background-blue. Easy fix - but I suggest garro should check it out, as it's great introduction level work.


Thank you, I fixed it and opened a pull request on github


The double stations could not work. Maybe they work now.


Nicely touched up and welcome to the painting scene!

There are some lovely touches on this station, what is it inspired by/a model of?

I only ask because I've noticed lots of stations in the game have player colours on the platform. In the UK it is always a white line at the edge and a yellow line either a foot or two back on the London underground or a yard or two on national rail.

Is that a British specific feature and the norm is to not have a yellow/white combo?


This is mostly done by mEga. I am not sure if the splitting of the station was even envisioned by him, even though it makes some sense.


Now, in my opinion, we need the island platforms for larger stations with 4 or more tracks.