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Help needed: Play store privacy policy

Started by prissi, February 03, 2022, 12:59:55 PM

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Google also rejected Simutrans because I did not have
QuotePrivacy policy
You must provide a link to your app's privacy policy on your app's store listing page. This link must be maintained at all times while the app is available on Google Play, and it must link to a privacy policy that, among other things, accurately describes your app's data collection and use. Please provide a link to a valid privacy policy in your app's store listing page in the Play Console. For more details, please refer to the Privacy policy section (#6) of the Families Policy Requirements.
I had this:

There is probably not enough legalese in it, but as non-native speaker of a program which does not collect any private data and has no adds, I am a little at loss on what to write. Maybe James can help with this, if he has some time. Although, I welcome of course any other help as well.

The google data policy is here However, it appears in you local language, so for me in German and is also long (as expected). Deriving anything what to write in English (needed for the Paly Store) is almost impossible for me.


The privacy policy of our little cousin is pretty simple (although the google login would invalidate its "E" rating according to the families policy), suggesting that something complex is not really needed.


Maybe you can emphasize the lack of recollection of data as pelya does.
I would change "private data" for "personal data" (this is the term used in the policy) and maybe add information about storage of chat messages and IP Address (is it done? for how much time?).


The problem is that from this autumn google multiplied its policy. Legacy policies are still accepted, but new rules are much toucher. For instance contact information is missing from that.

The server only stores the IP number for the setup of the socket. In principle the socket knowns the IP number, but it is not stored in the log, as default.


I think you should mention:
The main propose of this game is to play as single player local.
If playing local as single player, no data deliver to anywhere.
No Adds
No affi
No ingame buy or pay

If playing on a server: (this is not the normal playing)
The server for playing together are provided from other players.
Informations about available servers and the active players on it  are collected on a central server list server.
The central server hold the Nickname and the IP-Address of the player.
The data where stored at most a day.

The game server provided by any other player gets:
The Nickname, the IP-Address and the internal data of the game for playing the game together.
There is a in game chat function for the player connected to the game server

Simutrans Data Policy
Simutrans does not use any private data for its function.

If an online server is joined (which is optional) the user is visible to other users under a freely chosen nickname. The nickname can be changed any time and is not connected to the device in any way. The nickname is cached in the last 256 entrys of the communication log (typically 30 minutes, depending on activity on the server).
The user interface does not suggest to use a real name for this, and accepts any input.

For further questions, please contact
I think the informations are too technical.
There may technical correct but the intention is not visible.


Ok, but I fear my English is still not up to the legalese level Google wants. Combining the above sugegstions, I would end up with:
Simutrans Data Policy

Simutrans never collects, stores, or sends any personal data, including but not limited to name, date of birth, address, email, contact information, location, or accounts on social networks.

Simutrans is by default played locally without an active network connection. If an online server is joined, then the user is visible to other users under a non-descriptive nickname. The nickname can be changed any time.

For further questions, please contact