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Minimal stopping time for vehicles

Started by Flemmbrav, February 04, 2022, 06:32:07 PM

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Hey there!

With the new Version, it feels like vehicles do a "touch down" when they're stopping without / with only small changing load.
It would be cool to have a flat time added on the scaling loading time, that's for things like opening/closing the doors etc.


Given that busses do not stop at all (in Berlin and many places in England) if nobody boards or gets off, this does not sounds unrealistic. They only wait (sometimes) when ahead of the schedule.


Quote from: prissi on February 05, 2022, 02:15:53 AM
Given that busses do not stop at all (in Berlin and many places in England) if nobody boards or gets off, this does not sounds unrealistic.
I know some railway stations in Germany too. The train stop only if someone stand at the platform. An there is a button at the door called "Haltewunsch Taste" mean please stop. 


my issue isn't the case of no current at all, but rather situations that appeat when only a few load changes happen. You don't just touch down a station and accidently load 3 pax with it, do you?


As a compromise could the scaling loading time have a multiplier that is set by the simuconf?

Players who want slightly longer, truer to life wait times could have these.

One step further would be to have each convoy time have its own multiplier.

Buses could have a multiplier of 1 to allow for quick stops even where there aren't any passengers
Trains may be 1.5
Planes may be 2.5
Boats may be 2
Trams may be 1.25

Pakset maintainers can modify this to suit their pakset and players can make changes so the game plays how they want.

An even further and isolated feature would be for each convoy to check whether it has any passengers on board who want that service, or any passengers waiting at the next station for that service and if there are none, to bypass the stop.

In my opinion this should be optional - firstly the computational load might be too high for all players. Secondly it may not be a desired feature.

The ultimate implementation would be for this to be a per convoy type setting - the feature would work for buses but trains (in the UK) stop at all stations in the vast majority of cases.

In summary: tie a multiplier to wait times for each convoy type to let players and pakset maintainers adjust these to suit the type of game they want to play.

Add a "do any passengers want to alight or embark this convoy" check at each stop, and make it a setting that can be switched on or off for each convoy type to let pakset maintainers/players set up the type of game they want to play. This is a feature which is isolated from the first, so can be implemented with or without the first.

I'm not sure of how much work would be required of course!


I think KneeOn is not wrong, a minimum loading time needs to be vehicle specific. Tram and busses with many doors do not need long to find out that nobody goes off, while a plane will take almost as long for one or 500 passengers to get ready for the next flight. Or a steam train needs time to reverse and thus takes longer as a multi-unit.

Thus it needs a adapted pakset and default waiting times from per waytype.


If I understand Flemmbrav's request correctly, then this feature is already present in Extended:

"A screenshot showing the 'min_loading_time' parameter in an Extended .dat file"

I imagine that adapting it to Standard will not be as simple as cutting and pasting the code, but maybe some of the work has already been done.
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If a configuration has a setting for each waytype, do pax and coal use the same minimum value?
pak.256やpak.nipponのような複数タイル市内建築物があるpakセットはextendedではちゃんと遊べません。それどころかextendedの追い越し機能はバグまみれで修正が難しくなっており、都市機能および道路機能というゲーム土台部分を壊し、開発作業&コードメンテナンスの足かせになっている。それは最終的にプレイヤーの損失に他ならない。その原因は全て1人の日本人=ひめし@himeshi_hob(THleaderH)によるもの。再びフォーラムの先輩方のアドバイスをガン無視し、結局ほとんど修正されないままExtendedに実装されてしまった。彼は問題を認識しつつ5年以上放置して今なおOTRPの開発を続けている。あまりにも身勝手で無責任。日本の人達はそういう事実にちゃんと目を向けるべき (´・ω・`)


Ranran, I think no. Freight turn arounds are longer for trains and buses than pax. I'm not sure about boats and planes however.

Matthew - I hadn't considered that Extended has a lot of this already done. How does extended handle pakfiles where this isn't defined?


For my part i'd be totally fine giving a value for every single vehicle.
I'd even say that that'd be the best case scenario for pak192.comic.

Having the same one in use for every vehicle wouldn't be bad either, I think we had this before the recent changes. Or at least it felt like we did.


I like a per-vehicle setting. A default would be needed for non-defined times.

I'm not sure how easy it would be to implement but I think it would add an extra layer on vehicle choices.


Adding the time is trivial, getting the UI and the various settings is boring exercize work. I think one day I need to write a script for adding a new variable to Simutrans.