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Can break the slope(shore) texture

Started by Ranran(retired), February 14, 2022, 12:31:52 PM

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Happy Valentine's Day! I give you a sweet bug report. <3
According to the custom in the Jalapagos, if you receive this gift, you must offer a gift of gratitude one month later.

I notice that players can destroy coastal textures and twist the truth of the world.  8)

Destruction procedure for shore texture
1) Install a flat slope on the slope next to the ocean, the so-called shore.
2) Build a building on it. extension building, city building, etc.
3) Blow it up. The flat slope crumbles away along with the building due to the cruel specifications of the simutrans.
4) It has become a strange figure, not the original figure. (´・ω・`)

This could not be reproduced in standard.

See you next month  :-*