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Gradual loading will load all convois of the same line in parallel

Started by prissi, February 20, 2022, 01:47:51 PM

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This makes it impossible to have a decent service. Somehow a stop has to remember if it served already a line. This is most obvoius with ferries.


A tiny but very important change: While goods for a destination are loaded into a waiting convoi, not other convoi gets load to that destination. This is most obvious with ships, which all load in parallel and thus bumping together and creating transport spikes.

I discovered this on the current servers with pak64, where ships have long loading times. But this also applies to trains waiting in parallel. The behavoir is so bad, it warrants a 123.0.2 as soon as problem seems to be correctly addressed.

Please test r10497.


I think


should be called only if the current convoi is not fully loaded. Otherwise there is no parallel loading in overflowing stations.

Also the halt_served_this_step should be stored for each type of goods differently.
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and maggikraut.


With slow loading, the current convoi will not be fully loaded (i.e. ferries or planes in pak64, which only load two passengers per step). When a BUs/Train arrives, all waiting convoi will fill up equally every time. Thus if one convoi has been satisfied, the other have to wait for the next step or nothing would change.

Separating goods, passengers, and mail in loading order is indeed important. Separating goods probably not, since usually only one factories servers one stop and most of the time the convois are waiting anyway. It would also show the bottleneck of having only one crew for loading ... But of course that can be quickly added.



Station  "Bayreuth Bahnhof"
R10504 no not load bear for "Merzig Bahnhof"
The Train waiting with 100% loading for ever. Look at the red Train with empty container carrier.
R10458 load bear and if fast forward the station "Bayreuth Bahnhof" gets empty.
There are 2 lines for Stückgut to Merzig.


r10508 loads one convoi per goods category, so also this problem should be gone.


It looks like the problem is fixed.  :D


How about if the train has mixed goods category or mixed with passengers?
Normally i have none but this should work too.


The stop will be marked as served only for the next train in queue. Loading mixed goods will work for the the whole train.