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Built railways are not shown when ctrl-clicking + need two clicks

Started by michal., February 22, 2022, 10:11:42 AM

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I've encountered a bug that makes building diagonal railways complicated. When pressing ctrl and dragging a railway or roadway, the mouse button has to be clicked twice and nothing is displayed on the map until the way is built. In the previous versions, it was possible to press ctrl, click left button and drag the railway anywhere. While doing so, the preliminary railway location and estimated costs were shown.

Building while not using the ctrl-feature works perfectly fine. I'm pretty sure that this issue is new and was not present few weeks ago. Tested with the newest nightly on Windows.

How to reproduce:
1) open demo.sve, any older save or a new game (minimal game attached)
2) press ctrl, left click and drag a railway in any direction
3) until the click is released, nothing happens (= 1st bug)
4) only after the click is released, the ctrl-drag feature can be used
5) however, the proposed route and estimated costs are not shown (= 2nd bug)


Thank you for your report. I think I have fixed this bug. Check the pull request # 511.


Quote from: Ranran on February 22, 2022, 10:54:58 AM
Thank you for your report. I think I have fixed this bug. Check the pull request # 511.

This patch restores the old behaviour for me on Linux. Thank you so much for the quick fix, Ranran!
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