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World surface refactor

Started by ceeac, February 23, 2022, 07:24:28 PM

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Continuing from here:
Quote contains too much stuff (the game loop, the map, map creation, etc)

Now simworld contains less stuff. :) The new surface_t base class contains all "low-level" map objects like buildings, vehicles, terrain and climates, while the "high-level" stuff like convois, cities, factories etc. stays in karte_t for now.


I see no obvious problems (but only did a quick check).

Not sure what the purpose of reordering the names in the MSVC project files is, because I get always an alphabetic presentation without paths. And the comilation order is also random, sometimes tarting at the end.  If there is a setting to see something else or force compile order, it is extremely well hidden ...

But that should not stop this patch.


This makes editing the project file manually easier, for example to add a file to compile. Otherwise there is not a huge difference I think.

Submitted in r10536.