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Tests fail in network mode

Started by ceeac, February 27, 2022, 08:38:17 AM

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Tests fail when started in network mode (-server switch). The reason is that there is no click-and-drag for two click tools in network mode.
For example,

command_x(tool_setclimate).work(pl, coord3d(4, 2, 0), coord3d(5, 2, 0), "" + cl_water)

issues two clicks instead of click-and-drag, however tool_setclimate also has an effect on single click.

Script: Print: [4/133] test_building_rotate_harbour
Script: Error: <error>
Script: Error: <st>Error: [First click has side effects]</st>
Script: Error: CALLSTACK
Script: Error: <em>* FUNCTION [test_building_rotate_harbour()] <br>* /media/ceeac/Projects/code/simutrans/simutrans/pak/scenario/automated-tests//tests/test_building.nut
Script: Error: * line [195]
Script: Error: </em>


There is not much one can do about this. There is command_x.change_climate_at to emphasis that changing climate is meant to be done one tile at a time.
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