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Feature request: Line List

Started by Matthew, February 27, 2022, 01:06:49 PM

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This is a feature request for Ranran. You have made many improvements to the UI in recent months. Thank you! I guess you are very familiar with the UI code now. I wonder if this UI idea interests you. Of course, it is 100% your choice If you just want to play Simutrans instead, you should enjoy that!

Simutrans-Extended has a Line Window, but the list of lines is not sortable. It would be nice to also have a Line List, with a similar design to the Depot List and Vehicle Type List that you have added. It would not replace the Line Window, but it would be a new List.

Suggested categories for sorting:

  • Name (alphabet/漢字)
  • Revenue
  • Maintenance
  • Profit (revenue - maintenance)
  • Mean age of vehicles
  • Oldest vehicle in line or convoy with oldest average age (just some way to identify lines with old convoys)
  • Sum of value of all vehicles in line (because it is necessary for....)
  • Return on assets (profit ÷ sum of value of all vehicles)

I think filters for waytype would be essential. It would be desirable to have filters for lines with(out) obsolete vehicles, with(out) stuck convoys, and lines that carried no goods.

I know that Standard has a Line Window with sortable lines. But the Extended Line Window has developed in a different direction, so maybe the Standard Line Window will never be ported. And I think it is easier for you to make a new List since you are familiar with that code.

Just a suggestion that may give you some inspiration.....

Or maybe you are supposed to be writing a PhD, I think....?  :::) If so, you should probably write that instead.....  :P
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