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New York City heightmaps

Started by Carl, August 25, 2012, 10:59:54 AM

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Here's a new map of the New York City area.


The scale is 40 metres per tile. The map should be easy to scale down in GIMP if a smaller size is desired; or if there's enough demand I can upload smaller versions here.

This was created from the USGS data available here -- which is so detailed that one could, as far as I can tell, make an accurate map at a resolution of 3 meters per tile!

There's already a map of NYC on the maps website, but those who desire a more detailed map -- or indeed the entirety of Staten Island ;) -- may like this one.


The files disappeared from simutrans-germany for some reason -- I've updated the links so they should be live now.


May I ask you kindly to publish the map with a free data format? Not as a .rar? Depending on the version of rar I can't unpack it. What about gzip or 7z or the like?


Apologies, I hadn't realised that .rar was so restrictive. I can't make gzip or 7z but here's the raw ppm map file:



thanks a lot for your quick reaction! What a wonderful map! You spoiled my autumn! ;-)


Thank you, carlbaker! It is now available on Simutrans Maps, plus an honourable mention in the Simutrans blog. May it spoil some more autumns!
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You can publish maps as rle encoded bitmaps since ages. Those are much much smaller than ppm.


Thanks, I had no idea -- I'll keep that in mind for future maps.


One criticism - you can't build a bridge over any of the waters surrounding Manhatten ala real NYC...Apart from that this map is beautiful!

Note: This is on Pak Britian 111 using the latest Experimental binary

Also i've found a work around!


Here's an alternative version of the above heightmap, which I've been working on for a future project.


This doesn't replace the previous heightmap -- rather I think it's a matter of taste which you'll want to use. This one puts Manhattan on a straight vertical line, whereas the previous one respects the normal geographical layout (in terms of compass points).

(PS. I haven't yet figured out how to get GiMP to make RLE encoded bmp files, so ppm will have to do for now.)


Yes, this map is great. Thank's for the work!

Now it's possible to construct the new york city road grid. I'm only missing the water depth.


Here's a new heightmap of the New York City metropolitan area. It covers a wider area than previous versions - as well as the five boroughs, you get the whole of Long Island, New Jersey as far as Trenton, New York State as far north as Poughkeepsie, and all of Connecticut except a sliver in the north. The scale is 59 metres per tile.

As well as heightmap data and some data on a few lakes, this also uses real-world bathymetry data for water depths from here. This seems pretty easy to integrate with DEM data using the QGIS method I described recently.

I'm hoping to use this map in a project. I know I said that above about a previous one, but I'm more certain this time ;)

Here are a couple more screenshots, of the Hudson valley and of lower Manhattan/Jersey City/Brooklyn.