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Android version

Started by prissi, March 13, 2022, 12:56:07 PM

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The Android nightly is found under This is not signed with the regular key (which only Google owns) and thus may clash with an official release in the future on the playstore.

In this thread, please discuss the Android related issues and how to improve usage.

It has been tested under bluestacks (emulator), Fire7 tablet (max speed ca. 5.5 without midi), Samsung S7,  Alcatel One
Simutrans does not start on a Huawei P9 (too little free memory?) and maybe other devices (please reports)

Known issues:
Hangs at the first start with a black screen: please wait a little.
Runs slowly, especially on high resu\olution screens (disable midi and use larger scaling in display options can help)


Quote from: prissi on March 13, 2022, 12:55:21 PM
Popup message shoudl disappear after some time. Also a popup in the wrong position may be ignored first.
Despite being temporary windows, they can be somewhat annoying since they appear right in the area of the screen where we want to build, it would be more pleasant to have them fixed in a corner away from the center of the screen, that is only on android of course.  8) 


It would be very useful to have a virtual "ctrl" key on the screen for android or better touch devices.

Only for use in combinations with tools.  :P


I tried on Oneplus 3T (phone 6GB RAM).  It works but is practically unplayable. The UI is so small that I cannot hit the controls, e.g.  close a window. Is there any way to deal with high DPI screens? (FullHD @ 5.5")
Also I had the feeling that even if I touch the correct spot, it sometimes does not react at all. A helpful thing would be to use the "back" key as "ESC" to close current windows.


Simutrans reads out the dpi setting and should adjust accordingly (but this was removed by error). r10558 should again autoscale the display. (It may be still small, depending on your dpi settings). Autoscale also force 1280 like maximum width otherwise performance may be really bad. (Under 1 simloop)

Please test again.


Yes it is much better now. Although manual setting of the scale (dpi) is not very comfortable.

How do I do ctrl + click on touch screen?


You cannot right now. Maybe there is a control field or special tool needed for this.

The back button (if there) should close the last window.


The back button closes all windows in my experience.


You are right, my mistake. r10586 should do the same as delete, i.e. only close the topmost window.


Can't install it on my Samsung a51 and galaxy Tab S5e.

Edit: forgot it. I was to stupid. I have to remove the old app. But I lose my save game:/


Quote from: MobileGlotze on April 05, 2022, 03:13:58 PMCan't install it on my Samsung a51 and galaxy Tab S5e.

Edit: forgot it. I have to remove the old app. But I lose my save game:/

The app should update without having to delete it previously, maybe it is because it is not officially in the play store?. ???


I don't know. When I save a game I can't find it in the folder. I downloaded pakgerman large and can't find it in the folder. Only pak and pakjapanese.


pak64.german is not bundled by offical Nightlys.

If installed from within the program, it will be installed to the user directory files.

pak64.german is also part of my Nightlys.


The user files (under data/data) are not accessible for other programs intentionally. You save games should be in the folder save.

The key and name "com.simutrans" changed since November, when the very first build were done.