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New trains

Started by garro, January 15, 2022, 01:35:54 PM

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In this issue topic I will suggest some real world trains recently introduced in Italy that could be added to the pakset.
I hope some artist in the forum may read this and add them to the pakset.

Regional/Intercity Trains

Hitachi Rock (AKA Caravaggio)

A double deck EMU running since 2019

Alstom Pop (AKA Coradia Stream)

A single deck EMU for Regional or intercity service
The Regional version can run up to 160 km/h, while the Intercity can reach 200 km/h.
Running since 2019
(Sorry I have to link Italian Wikipedia because the page is missing on the English version)

High Speed Trains
Frecciarossa 1000 (AKA ETR 1000 AKA V300 Zefiro)

A high speed EMU that can reach 400 km/h (360 km/h commercial speed). Running in Italy since 2015.
I have a pak file with this train that was published on the simutrans forum. Maybe the author is willing to contribute it to the official pakset.

AGV 575 (AKA .italo)

A High speed EMU that can reach 360 km/h commercial speed. Running in Italy since 2012.

(Automatic) Metro trains
Alstom Metropolis

Running in many cities, e.g. TMB class 9000 in Barcelona. Amsterdam, Santo Domingo...

Hitachi Rail Italy Driverless Metro (formerly MAAB, Metropolitana Automatica AnsaldoBreda)

In service since 2002, operating in Copenhagen, Brescia, Milano, Roma and other cities.


Maybe, the Alstom Pop could be based on the Gauthier's Coradia Liner addon :
Europeans addons in project:

Too much ! ;-)


pak128 is a mess. There are rather too many trains and too little balancing. Many of the trains are useless.

This sound smore like an italian addon request.


Even if I agree that pak128 may be messy, it should also be noticed that after 2010, there are few new vehicles and all of them are fiction vehicles, even though they have a great design.
Probably the mess could be partially solved by adding a retire date to some of the vehicles.
Notice though that there is only one metro train available at each moment in time in the pakset, with no possibility of choice. Automatic metro system trains do not exist.
About regional trains, the Renfe 447 appears in 1991 with no retire date and remains probably the best high capacity regional train for the rest of the times. This could probably be well replaced by Caravaggio (or if you have other suggestions, please add them to this topic or create a new one).

ETR 1000 is currently one of the most advanced high speed trains in Europe, it operates in Italy, France and soon also Spain.
Coradia Stream trains are being used also in Netherlands in the intercity version (Intercity Nieuwe Generatie) and Luxembourg.
Hitachi Rail Italy Driverless metro is really being used all around the world (besides Italy, Copenhagen, Honolulu, Taiwan, Thessaloniki, Peru and Saudi Arabia).


I agree, more retire dates would help a lot. Please submit a pull request or a patch.