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Date format setting is not reflected in some dialogs

Started by Ranran(Hibernating), March 21, 2022, 07:32:34 AM

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Asian countries prefer year-month order. Even if you change the setting that way, the date in the message window will ignore it.

It is displayed by translator::get_short_date(), but for some reason the default value is always used when called from message stats...
It means even if I change it to 9 (DATE_FMT_JAPANESE_INTERNAL_MINUTE), 8 (DATE_FMT_INTERNAL_MINUTE) will be used.
As far as I can see, other dialogs haven't had such issues. get_short_date() is broken in all dialogs. For instance, it is also used in the way_info window.

It seems that 9 and above have been converted to 8.
8 seems to be brought from
(´・ω・`)シミュトランスのアップデート履歴(日本語) (※更新停止中)


The ticker seems to refer to personal setting (setting_xml). On the other hand, get_short_date() seems to refer to Therefore, the two display formats may be inconsistent.
And annoyingly, in Pak128.britain describes the setting for show_month = 8. Every time you update the pakset, it reverts to this setting, so you have to make sure to overwrite it further in the personal settings folder, but noobs will not be aware of that fact.
Another issue is that changes via the display setting dialog are temporary and will be lost on reboot.

And as a cause of further confusion, the display order of the halt info symbols was exactly the opposite of what was expected - my apology. (´・ω・`)
The fix is included in pull request #514, but you can also pick just that.
But about the aforementioned issues I don't know how to fix it.
(´・ω・`)シミュトランスのアップデート履歴(日本語) (※更新停止中)



Thank you. I have confirmed that the change resolves the contradiction.
(´・ω・`)シミュトランスのアップデート履歴(日本語) (※更新停止中)