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No Passengers for Stone Mason

Started by PJMack, March 22, 2022, 10:12:29 PM

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The Stonemason industry does not have any visitor or job class array defined which is apparently resulting in no visitors or employees.


Adding temporary class arrays did not increase visitor/commuter count, so there may be something else at play here.  (I also remembered that I am not playing on the master branch, so I will have to double-check some things.)  Nonetheless, the Stonemason probably should have those arrays defined for balance.


It's a recent addition, so that must have been missed. Might need to check the Natural History Museum that was added at the same time too.
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submitted a PR to correct this.  Thanks for the catch !


I could not find the pull request, but I have integrated this fix manually. Thank you for the report and fix respectively.
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