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Should the keyboard shortcuts for day/night controls be removed?

Started by Matthew, March 24, 2022, 09:05:43 PM

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The for this pakset retains the keyboard shortcuts for the brightness and day/night controls: + (the plus key), - (the minus key) and * (the asterisk key).

This pakset does not support the day/night feature, although some buildings have it, presumably as a hangover from pak128.Britain. So using these keyboard shortcuts always results in the main map looking broken, which is undesirable behaviour. But they are fairly obvious keys for newbies to try when they are trying to do things like zoom in and out or change the height in sliced underground view.

Wouldn't it be better to remove these keyboard shortcuts?

We could then discuss repurposing them, since the pakset is running low on single-key shortcuts.
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Seconded. I still sometimes tap the buttons accidentally, expecting to zoom in or out independently from the cursor position on the screen.

Iirc switching from day to night representation uses a darkening shader on the images that ignores some of the yellow/white that is recognised as illuminated. We would have to convert all existing files much like the transition to transparent images.


I second.
There is barely any use of this mode in the pak but a broken main view on the other hand.


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