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Pak128.Britain-Ex Specific Pier Documentation.

Started by PJMack, April 06, 2022, 12:30:03 AM

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Attached in a 7zip file is an Libreoffice Drawing containing the diagrams and charts to what the pier system bits are specific to Pak128.Britain-Ex.  It is a digitized version of the paper I had on my desk while designing the piers for the pakset.


Thank you for this - now set sticky for reference.
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Thank you for posting this, PJMack. But I don't understand how to interpret it.

The diagrams are labelled with numbers between 1 and 7. What does this mean? I take it they do not relate to the numbers between 1 and 10 under the heading "Autogroup", because I don't really see how the construction materials would determine the layout of the supports in that way. The "sub_obj_mask" items fit better as a legend to the diagrams, but don't explain the numbers above 5.

I'm sure it's perfectly logical when you know how it works, but I don't!  :-[
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If you have not done as already, you should read,21271.0.html first.

The numbers in the diagrams represent the bit numbers for the field, 0 being the LSB.  (The exception is the RIBI diagram which uses the values in decimal.)  For the mask diagrams, numbers prefixed with "2_" are the bit fields for the masks suffixed with "_2".  As each byte (8 bits) of the 32 bit (4 byte) masks are designed to be rotated, only the lower 8 bits are labeled in the diagram.  The remaining slots can be computed by adding 8 to each 90° rotation of the labels in the direction on the arrows.  For example, in the Middle Mask, bit 15 is the lower triangle in the diagram.  The numbers in the lists also represent the bit numbers for their respective fields.