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load diferent menu confs

Started by Andarix, March 05, 2022, 07:22:22 AM

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The pak64.german has two menu configurations (without monorail and with monorail).

The touch operation will in turn necessitate menu adjustments, since key combinations cannot be used there.

Hence the question of whether it is possible to set different menu configurations by option (

menuconf =


How would that hep touch devices?


If many tools that used to have keyboard codes are built into the menus, then the menus become very confusing.

If a keyboard is available as before, these buttons are superfluous.

In addition, there are probably some tools that one player prefers and another player doesn't use at all.

And if players have customized the menus for themselves, these changes may be lost with the next update if the is overwritten without having saved it beforehand.

Even the individual integration of script tools creates its own menu configuration.

An example is the block tool.

This is rarely needed and can be reached via the keyboard with b.

However, it cannot be reached with touch via the keyboard and a button is required.

I would never use this button as long as I have a keyboard. So it's a useless button that costs space and overview.